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Fate of the Pharaoh Fate of the Pharaoh Fate of the Pharaoh

Overview of Fate of the Pharaoh

Egypt was one of the world's four ancient civilizations and once was a very powerful country. It has a long history and its civilization made a profound influence on the whole world. Some of the Pharaohes of Egypt were all have extraordinary talent and contributed to the construction of their country. The best example was the Pyramid. However, Egypt has its also experienced its ups and downs. A long war exhausted the magnificent Egyptian empire. The enemies wanted their riches and treasures, but they protected well. Finally the Pharaoh led the people to victory. Once again they knew the joy of freedom. But when greedy invaders fled, they left behind chaos and the ruins of a once glorious nation. After being attacked by a greedy enemy for years, the magnificent realm of the pharaoh has crumbled. Fortunately the pharaoh was a wise or creative leader with outstanding leadership. Together, with his loyal and wise advisor, he gathered his strength and wisdom proclaimed that they shall rebuild the kingdom of Egypt and they shall live in peace and prosper once again. This is the story of the greatest Pharaoh of them all, of their people and their golden realm. Now you are the protagonist of this story, the wise pharaoh of Egypt. You will play his role and undertake his mission to rebuild glorious Egyptian towns and expand your realm.
It is a incredible gameplay with amazing atmosphere and fantastic action. A humble servant will tell you're the steps how to rebuild when you enter the Egypt behinds chaos and the ruins. You have your own palace in there. You and your personal servants reside there such as: tax collectors, workers, snake charmers, crocodile hunters and others. Besides, you have the current gold supply. Gold is important for many things, such as building, trading, producing materials and more. The first task is to build a small village before you make your way further down the river. You should manage your time rationally when you begin to build homes for your people and complete each level of your tasks in time. To finish a level, you must complete the tasks that the game manager written down for you. To proceed your task you just click the target on the screen. Keep your mind that you can also demolish buildings by selecting them and clicking on the demolish button. You will complete your tasks step by step and perfectly done. Construct homes for your people, set-up production, trade, please gods, fight crocodiles and dangerous cobras, all while building marvelous monuments and famous wonders. So dive into the fun and challenging strategy game: Fate of the Pharaoh. [Release date: Aug 6, 2011][3400]

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