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Juliette's Fashion Empire Game

Juliette's Fashion Empire Juliette's Fashion Empire Juliette's Fashion Empire

Overview of Juliette's Fashion Empire

Juliette's Fashion Empire is a relaxing game which is related with fashion or glamorous models. Fashion is the goal Juliett is striving toward and the Juliette's Fashion Empire tells the story Juliett and her fashion empire. Juliett is a vibrant girl and she is very enthusiastic about the design. She is an award-winning designer and the top graduate of her class at the Fashion Academy of New York. She recently opened her first boutique to sell her designs. But things didn't go well. Hardly anyone bought her clothes. Adrian, Juliette's former classmate at the Academy and a successful designer, laughed at her. Although Adrian and Juliette were rivals in school he gave Juliette some suggestions, because he considered that there's no way Juliette will be able to compete against him and he wanted to make Juliette see how ill-prepared she is for this business. He said that the secret to success is brand recognition. It's all that matters. It's the only way to get fashionistas to buy designers' clothes. He did tons of fashion shows to creat the recognition he needs. Juliette admitted that Adrian is best but she believed that there is plenty room at the top for her. She decided to try her best to show her wonderful designs and she will prove to Adrian that she can also success.
So Juliette's adventure begins in Juliette's Fashion Empire. And now Juliette would like to complete against Adrian in a fair of their skills. However, Adrian thinks haughtily that competing against a novice hardly sounds fair, but he is game. Who will be the winner in this competition? Are you interested in what will be happen in Juliette's Fashion Empire? Dive into Juliette's Fashion Empire to be Juliette build a clothing design empire and experience the intense competition about fashion and designs. Help your guests to rise to the top of her profession in Juliette's Fashion Empire. Build Juliette's Fashion Empire and make your rivals green with envy as you prepare a variety of stunning supermodels for the catwalk. Hurry up against world-class competitors in New York City, Milan, and Tokyo in a courageous effort to build a name for yourself in a tough business. Juliette's Fashion Empire is an incredible excitement with fantastic action and relaxing wallpapers. Along the way, use your earnings to upgrade your equipment, hire help, and turn your humble shops into glamorous boutiques in this amazing Time Managment game! [Release date: Oct 13, 2011][1714]

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