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My Farm Life 2 My Farm Life 2 My Farm Life 2

Overview of My Farm Life 2

My Farm Life 2 is an interesting but challenging game play. My Farm Life 2 takes casual games to new heights as players tend to crops 30 stories above busy city streets. A farm shoe is ruined. Its ratings are down, the boss of the farm is out of ideas for episodes and his investors have left him hanging. He is going to cut his losses and fire someone. What a terrible thing it is. Someone will be face up unemployment and their life will get into trouble. However, heaven will always leave a door open, a staff rushes into the room and says that an investor with an awesome idea is interested in the farm show, besides, he wants to invest in the show. Meet Carlos, the owner of a popular organic food store, he loves the show. Organic foods are all the rage these days. A new show focused on growing all-natural crops would be a great investment. It is benefit for more staffs if they sign the agreement successfully. All Meet Carlos asks is that the farm should make its crops avaible to his stores. By the way, he wants Lisa's autograph. Who is Lisa? What will be happened in My Farm Life 2? Dive into My Farm Life 2 you will find something interesting but challenging.
In My Farm Life 2, Lisa is an outstanding organic scientist and she will show her ability in show. She likes to do farm show with an original idea. Can you guess where will the farm be? On the roof! Meet Carlos thinks it is a great place for a farm, and he'd definitely buy something from up here. Wow, the works on the roof will be cool and exciting. Do you agree with it? Lisa is afraid of heights and she thinks being slapped with a breach of contract lawsuit would be better than working up here, but she must read the fine print on her contract with no choice. My Farm Life 2 is the only show that cares about what you eat. Lisa's fresh organic crops will soon be avaible at Carlos' supermarket. Would you like to dive into My Farm Life 2 to experience the unique farm show with Lisa? You are going to filming the series premiere, which means you will be learning the basics. My Farm Life 2 is a wonderful game play with 150 levels and 38 trophies, dive into it and help Lisa tackle the unique challenges of running a rooftop farm as you grow crops, milk cows, and produce goods in 60 exciting episodes. [Release date: Sep 28, 2011][1255]

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