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Overview of Rescue Frenzy

Rescue Frenzy tells a story of quick rescue. After some ruthless devastating storms, catastrophic earthquakes and disastrous wildfires, the beautiful lands became ruins and everything of the the lands fell into a paralyzed state. Wether the schools or the hospital, stores and the power stations all don't work any more. The weather was extremely cold as the snow and ice covered the entire earth. The ways were clogged with branches, broken stones and scarps. Animals including dogs, cats, sheep, cows and the wide range of poultry were suffered from frostbite. People can't live normal life because they lacked for food, water, cotton-padded clothes, medicines and other essential daily supplies. Everything was dive into chao so that they need the rescue team to help them. Luckily, the local rescue team learned the bad news and sent an excellent team with many outstanding workers to help the local people to rebuild their hometown, besides, rescue the poor animals. The works in the rescue team would be filled with obstacles and difficulties, but everyone in this team had enough confidence to complete the arduous tasks. In other words, the works were difficulty but challenging and they would succeed to complete the tasks. Do you believe them?
Hurry dive into Rescue Frenzy to experience the fast paced rescue. Do you want to help the local people to rebuild their lands? Do you want to help the rescue team to complete the tasks as quickly as possible? And do you want to become an excellent rescue team worker? You can show your outstanding ability in Rescue Frenzy and you will be the leader to guide courageous rescue workers in different places. In Rescue Frenzy you should complete the tasks that the team gives you in time, and what's the important is that restore every fuel plant to produce fuel for machines. Go on a Rescue Frenzy in the aftermath of devastating storms, catastrophic earthquakes, and disastrous wildfires. Race against the clock to clear away debris; collect resources for rebuilding hospitals, bridges and power stations; and save people and animals from certain peril. Rescue Frenzy is an unique game play with incredible acton, wonderful realistic plots and vivid background music. So dive into Rescue Frenzy to collect power-ups to increase your speed, steer seven powerful vehicles over rugged terrain, and strive for the Master ranking in this fun Strategy game. [Release date: Sep 21, 2011][1166]

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