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Stone Age Cafe Stone Age Cafe Stone Age Cafe

Overview of Stone Age Cafe

Stone Age Cafe is a super interesting, incredible time management game, this is a occurred in the Stone Age thing, not only let you experience the game to have some understanding of history, and allows you to add to the sense of responsibility, and learn to management skills and ability, in this funny in the game, you are asked to manage your own coffee shop, reason has the following points, mostly request is this: you live in the Stone Age, there is a large group of tribal, and they have a very poor life, every day hunger unbearable, you need to manage their own coffee shop, business it carefully, tribal residents wait for you to give them food to eat, so you have to try to earn some cash to save them, in this about the Stone Age of the coffee shop in the game, there is a man who can help you, you need to find her, she can help you very good management cafe, the tribe, had earlier in the chuchii amidst the predict the fate, she would be you the tribe's cook, for everyone to provide convenient and her some things didn't know it, she did not know was himself a great cook, the tribe's people, is very important, not only this can save in store in the tribe of People's Daily life, but also can change the fate of the clan, the operation of the Stone Age cafes game, let himself into a time management experts, save the whole tribe of chuchii people's destiny.
The course of the game with funny music, let a person have happy feeling, cafe and today's than cannot, of course, he's just a open for people to provide convenient out in a restaurant, inside still have a lot of little animals can provide to you, they can help you, which increased the interest of the entire game, cafe in service personnel to come and go, sound easy witty, give a person intimacy, relatively fast pace, have a meal of people one by one, you need to have the arrange their dinner order, and when service personnel needs, what, this also need you in perfect order arrangement, the coffee table is stone table, have a meal of personnel in turn fully, has special rice, have special dining table and eat up the they leave, the remnants of the leftover food to eat on the edge of the animals, people eat rice, there are all kinds of fruits, the window below are your score hint, have your game process, etc. To you the global game process. [Release date: Jan 3, 2012][2651]

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